BTS Suga Performs Daechwita Live for the First time on BTS Muster Sowozoo 2021, bts room live

BTS Suga Performs Daechwita Live for the First time on BTS Muster Sowozoo 2021, bts room live

Oh my god you guys, I can’t believe that this is happening. Agust d is back, and I think I may be dreaming, but apparently my dream has become a reality. Being a yoongi fan for almost a decade, my biggest dream of seeing him perform one of my favorite songs ever, life, is coming true. Since daechwita came out almost 2 years ago, we have never seen shuga perform his biggest it ever on the stage in front of life audience. But that is not the case anymore, as it turns out, he is performing his biggest solo hit, daechwita, life in seoul Olympic stadium at BTS’s 2021 Muster “Sowoozoo”.

Every year, BTS holds two special events for ARMY; FESTA and Muster. FESTA is a two-week celebration that starts at the beginning of June and ends on BTS’s debut date, June 13. BTS’s 6th Muster, which also takes place in June, is a two-day concert event. This year the theme for Muster is “Sowoozoo,” the Korean title for BTS’s song, “Mikrokosmos.”

BTS is going all out with their stage set to match the song’s space theme! Fans who have driven by the location, Seoul Olympic Stadium, have snapped photos of a colorful galaxy floating in the sky.

The set includes giant balloons shaped like planets, similar to the balloons shown on BTS’s Muster teaser poster.

Among the planets, an ARMY bomb balloon can also be seen.

But more importantly, the boss Agust D, is bringing his spitfire rapping to Seoul Olympic Stadium!

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